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Shining and Outstanding, GNMI Finished its Journey at PCHi 2024 with a Full Success


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On 22 March, the 3-day PCHi 2024 was concluded in Shanghai with a full success.

The event was attended by Chesir and CQV, together with more than 700 cosmetic ingredients companies and relevant firms from all over the world, presenting a feast about the secrets of beauty. Thanks to its products featuring technology, fashion and being environmentally friendly, diversified color solutions, and professional and detailed illustration, the company attracted the interest and inquiries of many visitors. We provided industries such as cosmetics and skin care with more choices and possibilities and injected new vitality and impetus into their development!

Nine series of star products of Chesir such as Matt ChesChameleon, Highlight ChesChameleon, Ti-free Series, and Silica Sphere Series caught many visitors’ eyes. The Ti-free Series features significant pearlescent effects, rich color hues, various particle sizes and has different luster ranging from soft to super-shining. The series also do not contain TiO2 and can meet the requirement of the EU for cosmetic-grade pearlescent materials. The new Matt ChesChameleon series made its debut at the event. Featuring soft, matte, highly-saturated, and vivid colors that change when looked at from different angles, the Matt ChesChameleon series can perfectly meet high-end consumers’ demand for products that are luxury but modest.

CQV brought several popular and signature products such as Esorora Glare, catching the eyes of many visitors.

During the 3-day event, products and technologies showed and shared by GNMI attracted hundreds of clients from home and abroad and counterparts from upstream and downstream of the industry. Our products’ scintillating and shining effect, dreamlike color matching, and comfortable feeling on the skin were highly appreciated by visitors. Many participants and clients had in-depth discussion on cooperation with us at the scene.

At PCHi 2024, GNMI showed to the market its leapfrog achievements in new technologies of cosmetic-grade pearlescent materials, embodying the company’s R&D capacities and product features. In addition, we had many in-depth discussions and consultations with counterparts and partners, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. In the meantime, through face-to-face interactions with clients and professionals, our team gained valuable information on the latest industrial trend, market competition, and changes in consumer demand, enhancing information support for the company’s market planning in the future.

Looking ahead, GNMI will continue to leverage its strength in technological innovation and develop fine products to create better experience and high-quality value for clients in the field of cosmetic ingredients, adding new colors to the cause of beauty!

Thank you for your interest and support for GNMI.

We look forward to meeting you next time in the pursuit for beauty and excellence!