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Brand New Official Website丨GNMI New Official Website Launched!


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On 28 March, Global New Material International Holdings Limited (GNMI, stock code 06616.HK) officially launched its new official website! With new layout, new visual effects, and new experience, the new website will bring customers richer and more convenient browsing experience, making it more convenient for global customers and friends to learn about GNMI’s basic information, products, R&D capacity, and corporate news. In the meantime, direct access to the websites of Chesir and CQV will also be provided on the website so that clients can get all the information and services they need conveniently.


Now let’s have look at the website’s main sections.

Five Main Sections

From the perspective of customers, the website has five main sections, namely “About Us”, “Products”, “R&D”, “News”, and “Investors”, showing various aspects of GNMI in a clear, direct, comprehensive and detailed manner.

Apart from being a platform to learn about the company’s real-time information, the website also serves as an important window to showcase the company’s innovation results, product information, R&D qualifications, and development trends. The launch of GNMI’s new official website not only reflects the company’s promising development through all-rounded demonstration of contents and brand new designs, but also shows the company’s breakthroughs in market layout and development trends.

The company will present GNMI’s professional, innovative, active, efficient, and reliable brand image and technical strength to global customers and partners through the new official website, which will help customers understand and contact the company, promote good interaction and cooperation between the two sides, and boost the high-quality development of GNMI.