Leaders’s Visits
Xia Jiliang, Secretary of Tonglu County Party Committee, Visited the Site of the Global New Material International Tonglu Project


classification:Leaders’s Visits

On March 14, Tonglu county party secretary Xia Jiliang visited the site of the  Glob New Material International Tonglu project, encourage the company to seize the key period of the construction and put all sprint in the first quarter. The government and enterprise should concentric and empower together, to ensure that the project early start, early completion, early put into production, early to effect, and constantly shaping the development of new advantages of new kinetic energy in Tonglu, and add vitality for the development  of new quality productive forces.

Shi Jianhua, member of the Standing Committee of Tonglu County Committee and Executive Deputy County head, Luo Baocheng, Deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, and other leaders attended the survey, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the Tonglu project of Global New Material International.

Xia Jiliang and his entourage went deep into the construction site of Tonglu Project of Global New Material International, conducted detailed research on the preliminary construction work, safety quality and civilized construction, and in-depth exchanges with the on-site staff. Xia Jiliang said that the goal of the research is to listen to the voice of the enterprise, understand the situation of the project on the spot, and accelerate the project. I hope that Global New Material International firmly establish safety awareness, efficiency awareness and quality awareness, and go all out to do what should be pushed, fast, high quality and efficient. Tonglu County will continue to optimize the business environment, effectively strengthen the guarantee work of various elements, realistically solve problems for enterprises. Government and enterprise should concentric and empower together, and promote high-quality economic development.

At present, the design work of Tonglu project has been basically completed, and the preliminary construction work is in full swing. In the next step, Global New Material International will further strengthen the communication with the relevant departments of Tonglu County, under the leadership of the government and Tonglu County Party Committee, the company will continue to promote the construction of the project with high standards and high quality, and strive for the early completion and operation of the project.