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Global New Material International Held the 2023 Staff Sports Meeting with Grandeur


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Recently, on the eve of the conclusion of 2023, Global New Material International held a sports meeting themed “Brave Passion on the Field, Setting Sail for Dreams through Struggle.” The event, centered around unity, striving, and passion, gathered the enthusiasm and vitality of company employees.

This sports meet featured individual and team-based competitions, including a diverse range of activities such as basketball, table tennis, factory circuit running, skipping, and the three-legged race. These events not only showcased speed and strength but also tested teamwork and collaboration.

Basketball and table tennis teams, composed of various departments, exhibited a resilient spirit during intense matches, demonstrating the cohesion and cooperative abilities of the teams. In the factory circuit running event, employees joyfully ran, filling the company with laughter and cheers. Skipping and the three-legged race, brimming with fun and team-based challenges, fostered stronger bonds among participants.

The atmosphere at the event was vibrant and entertaining, with athletes engaging in fierce competition, fostering friendships, and displaying their prowess through effort and dedication. Cheers and applause from the audience reverberated throughout, enhancing the excitement of the matches.

The sports meeting, themed “Brave Passion on the Field, Setting Sail for Dreams through Struggle,” amalgamated fun and competitiveness. It not only strengthened relationships among colleagues but also enhanced team cohesion, injecting robust motivation for the company’s endeavors in the upcoming year. Global New Material International remains committed to leading its workforce with heightened enthusiasm and determination, translating the spirit of “faster, higher, stronger, and more united” into an inexhaustible driving force for high-quality development. They strive to achieve excellence and strive for top-tier performance in the journey of high-quality development.