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Global New Material International (Chesir) Phase II Pearlescent New Factory Preview


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Recently, Global New Material International (Chesir) phase II pearlescent material production line with an annual output of 30 000 tons was completed and entered the commissioning stage. It is expected to start commercial production in the near future, and the company’s production capacity will be further improved after it is put into operation.

The pearlescent material project with an annual output of 30 000 tons covers an area of 220 mu(36.24 acres), and is currently the largest and most advanced pearlescent material factory planned and constructed globally. The project adopts a new generation of automated and intelligent pearlescent material production equipment throughout the project, mainly producing medium and high-end car weather resistant, cosmetic grade and special function grade pearlescent effect materials. Now let’s take a look at the unique cham of the new factory of Global New Material International (Chesir) phase II with the editor!

Large scale, modern and standardized production plant

(Some completed plants)

The automatic pearlescent material production equipment that can be seen everywhere, from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, continuously improves the strength of Global New Material International (Chesir) intelligent manufacturing, and provides strong quality assurance and technical support for products.

(Fully automatic belt washer)

(Fully automatic industrial kiln)

(Air flow classifier)

(Fully automatic packaging unit)

A field visit to the new factory of Global New Material International (Chesir) shows that automated production runs through the entire production process of pearlescent materials, demonstrating the company’s further pursuit of efficiency, quality, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety in production and its unremitting efforts to strive for perfection.

Becoming the global leading enterprise of surface performance materials stems from the farsighted planning and unremitting efforts. From Phase I to Phase II, from low-end pearlescent materials to high-end pearlescent materials, Global New Material International (Chesir) is not only brand driven marketing and innovative support products, but also builds a Phase II new factory with intelligent and green development as the core, deeply applies automation and intelligent technology, and is committed to becoming a leader in the intelligent manufacturing of global pearlescent materials.