Leaders’s Visits
Leaders of the Economic Liaison Department of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the Autonomous Region visited Global New Material International (Chesir) to conduct special research


classification:Leaders’s Visits

On the afternoon of May 25, Lan Jiazhen, Minister of Economic Liaison Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a research team to visit Global New Material International (Chesir) to carry out a special campaign of escorting private enterprises to “go global” and a survey on risk prevention and control of large private enterprises. Lan Jiazhen had a discussion with company leaders such as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Su Ertian, and listen to the opinions and demands of the company, so as to guide the company to “go abroad” to seize the RCEP opportunity and improve the competitiveness of the company’s “go global”.

At the symposium, Su Ertian expressed a warm welcome, and then he reported the company’s recent development, scientific research innovation, foreign trade and overseas investment cooperation to the research team. The research team fully affirmed the company’s outstanding practices and achievements in international operation and risk prevention. Then, they had in-depth discussions and exchanges with company leaders on the topics of going out and preventing risks.

Lan Jiazhen said that enterprises should thoroughly study and implement the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the “Belt and Road”. According to the new development stage, enterprises should implement the new development concept and strive to integrate their own development into the overall development of the autonomous region. In addition, enterprises should actively implement the strategy of “go global” and participate in the joint construction of the strategy of “Belt and Road”, focusing on key countries, key areas, and key projects, and seeking development opportunities from a development perspective. He encouraged enterprises to seize the opportunity of the entry into force of the RECP agreement and have a deep understanding of the impact of trade in goods on industrial development. Enterprises should flexibly use the rules of accumulation in the region of origin to benchmark against the international advanced industry level, so as to properly respond to challenges , improve the layout of the industrial chain and supply chain, and make a good “going out” first move.

Su Ertian sincerely thanked the leaders of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce for visiting the company to guide the development work. He said that the company will implement its development advantages in the good business environment actively created by governments at all levels, and unswervingly lead the company’s new journey with new development concepts. On the one hand, the company need to speed up the process of internationalization to enhance its global competitiveness; on the other hand, the company need to speed up the pace of high-quality development, and demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of Chesir in the high-quality economic and social development of the region.

Jiao Liwei, Deputy Director of the Liaison Department of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce, Yin Hongliang, Director of the Industry Management Department of China Credit Insurance Guangxi Branch, and Lin Guojin, General Manager of the International Department of CCB Guangxi Branch participated in the investigation. Huang Qi, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Qin Zhaobao, Member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Liuzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Qin Bangdeng, Vice Chairman of the Luzhai County Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce accompanied. Dong Wenta and Jin Zengqin, vice presidents of Global New Material International (Chesir) , and Bai Zhihuan, deputy general manager of Chesir, and other company leaders participated in the discussion .