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Global New Material International (CHESIR) 2021 Winter New Product Launch Conference Successfully Held


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On December 17, the 2021 winter new product launch conference of Global New Material International (CHESIR) was successfully held at the Lotus Villa Hotel in Liuzhou, Guangxi. This new product launch conference released a total of 12 annual popular colors and various series of new products from Global New Material International, focusing on the charm of a series of new products applied in the field of cosmetics.

Client representatives, news media representatives, fashionistas, etc. attended this conference. At the same time, the audiences from all over the country are invited to enjoy a fashionable visual feast in the form of live webcast. At the same time, this new product launch conference also enjoyed a fashionable visual feast with audiences from all over the country in the form of live webcast.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Jin Zengqin, executive director and vice president of Global New Material International, delivered a speech at the meeting, in which he pointed out that products are the most important driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. Over the years, we have been moving towards the corporate development vision of “creating high-quality products and beautiful colors for the world”. By adhering to the cultural concept of combining Chinese and Western, and exerting the core strength of scientific and technological innovation, we have developed excellent products that are widely recognized by the market and customers.

In this winter, standing at a new historical starting point, under the guidance of fashion experts, we specially designed and launched 12 new cosmetic-grade products of the “Chinese style” series, by drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese culture, and studying the current international fashion trends.

These new products combine art, life and technology. From the user’s point of view, we think about their new needs in the new era, and summarize the current popular styles to highlight the national aesthetics. In addition, we explore the unique cultural connotation and artistic style contained in each color, so as to create new products that are most in line with Chinese characteristics. Each color is a special creation, and each pearl is a journey of ingenuity.

After the enthusiastic opening speech, the 2021 winter new product launch was officially opened, in which the charm of new products is displayed in the form of clothing, makeup, performances and sample exhibitions. Participants and viewers watching the live broadcast can experience the beauty of pearlescent colors while getting visual enjoyment, and experience how pearlescent improves our quality of life.

The product colors released at this launch are inspired by ancient Chinese poems. The Chinese colors extracted from Tang and Song poetry can best interpret the oriental women’s self-confidence, independence, elegance and calmness. These 12 colors have a unique Chinese flavor and will also become the international fashion colors leading in 2022.


The First New Color “Clear Sky Blue”

The poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty once used the verse of “the sunset’s red glow prevails over the burning fire, and the clear sky’s color over the woad” to describe the splendid sunset in autumn and the cleanness of the sky. Among the many colors, pure blue is usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water, and universe. Blue symbolizes calmness, reason, serenity and expanse. With traditional indigo blue and gem luster, this clear sky blue is as bright and clear as the sea in the sun, giving people a sense of spaciousness, wisdom and profoundness. It is as beautiful and blue as a gem, exuding a charming luster, suitable for creating a variety of makeup such as retro cool and futuristic technology. It is commonly used in eye shadow, nail art and other products in daily makeup. This color is dazzling and can be matched with lead gray, silver gray and light purple to create an elegant artistic conception.

The Second New Color “Coloured Glaze Gold”

The color’s inspiration comes from ancient Chinese glaze, which is a rare handicraft made of artificial crystals with various colors and fired at a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees. It is crystal clear and dazzling with vivid color. Since its birth, glaze has been the most dazzling existence in the life of the royal family. The roof color of the Forbidden City is coloured glaze gold. Coloured glaze gold is the supreme pure color of nature. It is the color of the sun, representing warmth, happiness, and radiant charm. This gold is very saturated in color, bright, gorgeous and noble. Many stylists love lustrous gold makeup that shines like luxurious jewelry. Just by applying this gold on eyeliner, foundation and highlighter, the most fashionable and gorgeous gold makeup can be created, making you an elegant lady or a domineering woman. Additionally, this color can also be used to create exotic makeup, metal makeup with a sense of futuristic technology, suitable for people who want to try different styles of makeup.

The Third New Color “Zhushalei Red”

Everything in the world is full of colors, and each color has a different beauty. The third new product color is zhushalei red, whose name is taken from the peony of national beauty and heavenly fragrance. This color is elegant and quaint. Cinnabar red is an orthodox, burning-like-fire and bright Chinese red. It is full of ancient Qin and Han flavors, and follows the splendid Wei and Jin veins. Besides, it continues the legacy of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and circulates the unique charm of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Cinnabar red means nobility, elegance, and national color and heavenly fragrance. Concerning this zhushalei red, orange and brown luster complement each other, suitable for lipstick, eye shadow, nail products, etc. When you apply it thickly, it is a “great heroine” with full aura, and when you apply it thinly, it is natural and lively, which is suitable for creating a warm atmosphere in autumn and winter. It is elegant and extravagant when paired with turmeric, dark green and sandalwood-like color.

The Fourth New Color “Tipsy Blush”

Tipsy Blush is inspired by a poem of Yan Jidao, a famous poet from Song Dynasty poet “Flagrant and delicate blossom leaves a touch of blush on the snow; The crescent moon paints arched eyebrows on the spring night sky.” According to Notes on Ancient and Modern China, as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties, young women in Yan State used “the juice of red and blue flowers to make rouge to put on peach blossom makeup. Since it was originated in Yan State, it has been called ‘Yan Zhi” ever since. Peach blossoms are culled and mixed with the radiance of red win and jewels to make Tipsy Blush. It is like the blush on a girl’s cheek, palpitating with excitement. A dark red, eye-catching yet remaining low, can be used in the daily makeup such as blush, lip gloss, manicures, etc. Its unique pearl material is shining, gorgeous and charming. Tipsy Blush can match with earth tone or dry rose to give out a strong sense of allure, reflecting the appeal of mature ladies.

 The Fifth New Color “Misty Jade”

Misty Jade was inspired by the poem The Sad Zither by Li Shangyin, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty. The poems goes “In moonlit pearls see tears in mermaid’s eyes; From sunburnt jade in Blue Field let smoke rise.” According to the legend, the Blue Field jade of the highest grade has very different temperature from ordinary jade as it is divided into “cold” jade and “warm” jade. But regardless of cold or warm temperature, the surface of Blue Field jade has a layer of mist, which is like flowing clouds. The ancients also called this  phenomenon “fine jade giving rise to mist”. Mixing traditional colour of jasper with pearl material, Misty Jade gives out radiance like the tears of a mermaid. It symbolizes the love for life, calmness, curiosity and hope for the unknown. The colour of Misty Jade has a jade-like warmness and smoothness. It is as steady as a stone, as flexible and mysterious as mist. Misty Jade can be used in cosmetic products such as eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish, etc. Just as gentle as its name, Misty Jade renders deep-set eye makeup and can brighten up your eyes. Combined with gold, brown or camel, Misty Jade exudes a classic and elegant sense.

The Sixth New Color “Richness in Amber”

Its inspiration is from the poem “The wine of Lanling is full of fragrance of tulips.The wine in the jade bowl reflects the color of amber”. Libai, the famous poet in Tang dynasty wrote it and described the wine in the jade bowl. The meaty wine is compared to the clear amber. At the ancient time, Chinese nobility and ladies regarded amber as an auspicious object, as well as its color, which also represented the sense of nobleness, classic and peacefulness. The product “richness in amber” is in such a fairness and dignity, like what the real amber is, going through thousands of years’ sufferings. “richness in amber” is usually used in some products, like eye shadow, specular grooming, and manicure products. Also, it can decorate jewelry and accessories, shimmering with the charm of nobleness and generosity. Besides, matched with pink, yellow or reddish brown colors, “richness in amber” will show its elegance and gentleness.

The Seventh New Color “The Smile in Spring Breeze”

When it comes to the regions at the south of the Yangtze River, we always think about the scenery with blooming peach trees and green willows, tall grasses and nightingales in the air. This new product “the smile in spring breeze” is enlightened from Bai Juyi, a poet in Tang dynasty. The vitality of the early spring is fully conveyed by the poem “ the willow has been turning to light yellow while the water in the river has been turning to a hint of green.” The peach blossom remains while spring breeze blows to make willows swing and ripples in the pool. Spring comes with boundless green, along with the freshness and softness. “ the smile in spring breeze” integrates the light green and sequins in large size, symbolizing vitality and energy. The vividness, cleverness and youth, better fitting the style of distinct characters and loveliness. In the field of makeups, “ the smile in spring breeze” is used more often in manicure and eye shadows, showing vigor and activeness.

The Eighth New Color “Acacia Grey”

Memories of people and things are all lovesickness. Dreams haunt, lovesickness turns to ashes. The color that I am showing you is named acacia grey, which is inspired by a poem wrote by Li Shangyin, a poet in Tang Dynasty. “My desire cannot bloom and vie with the spring flower, for inch by inch my heart is consumed by the flame.” Once the thought arises, it turns a thousand times. If colors are soulful, the acacia grey should be the deepest one. It is a combination of fish tail gray and shell luster, which looks low-key and calm. Gray belongs to the achromatic family and can be matched with any color to reduce the saturation of the color. Covered with a mild gray, the years seem to be shrouded with a layer of soft light. Acacia gray can be used for eye shadow, eyeliner, highlighter, and nail products in makeup. As a versatile color, acacia gray is suitable for blending with other colors to create smoky-eye makeup and mixed-race makeup, so as to set off the cool and trendy temperament of the user.

The Ninth New Color “Dark Green”

Its inspiration comes from a poem wrote by Li Bai, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, “The clear water is vast and the clouds are boundless, and it will be heartbreaking if the beauty does not come.”Under the blue and black clouds, clear water is flowing, and a man is looking forward to the arrival of his friends. In Jiangnan when we first met, a faint fragrance filled the sleeves, the drizzle chanted the romance of the wind, flowers and snowy nights, and the faint blue smoke told the wonderful legends of the past.  As a gentle summer color, dark green is like a glimpse of light in the lotus pond. The swaying blue waves bring a serene and demure artistic conception. The color exudes the luster of emeralds, giving people a sense of elegance, nobility and beauty. Dark green is suitable for creating both forest fairy make-up and mature make-up. If used for eye shadow and manicure, this color can bring a different fashion feeling.

The Tenth New Color “Pear Blossom Tears”

“Her jade-white face crisscrossed with tears in lonely world. Like a spray of pear blossoms in spring rain impearled.” The weeping face of the imperial concubine Yang, just like the pear blossoms stained with rain, was vividly described in the everlasting regret of Bai Juyi who is a famous poet in Tang Dynasty. Inspired from this verse, this color was named “Pear Blossom Tears” which implies rainwater in pear flowing seasons. Countless petals falling off branches loo. Elaborating the last plentifulness and gorgeousness in sadness,this warm and fragrant color exudes fragile beauty which makes tender affection. Essential and indispensable for shaping and nail beauty, highlighting really matters to makeup. This new color “Pear Blossom Tears”, white as snow and bright as pearls, helps you create three-demensional makeup. Pure white is suited for any colors.

The Eleventh New Color “Charming Red”

“Clouds and peonies are reminiscent of the dress and face of the imperial concubine Yang’s respectively. Spring wind are caressing the balustrades and dews make flowers more beautifully.” The eleventh color is enlightened from this verse by the poet Li Bai in Tang Dynasty. Since ancient times, women have been fond of peach blossom which is associated with love and romance, representing loveliness, sweetness, gentleness and innocence. Different from general pink, it is a special blend of peach blossom pink and bauhinia red. Charming but not luxurious. Colorful but not meretricious. With lingering charm, it elaborates lingering charm without outshining others. Symbolizing prosperity and endless warmth, it excludes elegance and sincerity. Used for lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows and nail beauty, this universal color helps to show various styles: sweet, hot, graceful or charming. Matched with dark blue, light pink and light violent, “Charming Red” makes you delicate, lovely, attractive and seductive.

The Twelfth New Color “Corn Poppy”

Yu Meiren comes from brand name . It is said that the flower “Corn poppy” was incarnated by Yu Ji (Yu Meiren),a beautiful woman in ancient China. It is the same color as the 2022 international popular color “Periwinkle Blue” released by Pantone. Mixed with the vitality of blue and the tenderness of fuchsia, it is like a winter morning sky full of carefree confidence and a happy attitude. The corn poppy, infused with pearl white in traditional purple,which adds a beating point of light to the original elegant and proud purple, just like the modern Oriental women who are independent and confident in their own pace of life. As a neutral color, purple straddles warm and cool colors.This color can be used on make-up, whether it is for eye shadow, lip gloss or nail polish, it can create a distinctive mood according to the matching color, so as to achieve an outstanding look. In addition, This corn poppy can pair with pink, gray-blue, and ultramarine, which are romantic and charming.

Global New Material International (CHESIR) upholds the concept of harmonious coexistence of nature and exerts the core force of scientific and technological innovation. Through continuous exploration and research and development, we have developed four kinds of substrates, including natural mica, synthetic mica, glass flake and silicon oxide, and thirteen product series, including industrial series, cosmetic series, weather resistance series and functional series. We are committed to expressing the beauty of color and light to the extreme! We hope to make the world a better place and make life warmer!

This is a feast of new products showing pearlescent and fashionable life. Coming from the beautiful Tang and Song poetry, with the unique charm of fashion and traditional Chinese culture, it gives us the enjoyment of beauty, while changing our life . Ten years of hard work,just as polishing makes jade finer. After ten years of development, Global New Material International Holdings Co., Ltd. has grown into an industry-leading pearlescent material and synthetic mica enterprise.

Under the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature, Global New Material International gives full play to the core strength of scientific and technological innovation, upholds the mission of “creating beautiful colors for the world” and combines the gorgeous pearlescent material with the traditional Chinese color perfectly, thus making the latter glow bright vitality!