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The Research Group of the Supervision Group of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region visited Chesir to carry out research


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In order to enhance the effectiveness of the NPC deputies’ recommendations for supervision, on May 19, Yin Tong, member of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region and deputy chairman of the Legislative Affairs Committee, deputy chairman of the Legal Committee of the Autonomous Region, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Liuzhou People’s Congress, Liang Richun Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. started investigation.

General Manager of Chesir Zheng Shizhan reported Chesir’s enterprise development and employment situation to the research team, accompanied the research team leaders to visit the product application exhibition hall, corporate culture exhibition hall, party building garden, staff home

The research team focused on whether the rights and interests of employees were harmed, the supervision of relevant departments and labor unions, and the protection of employees’ rights and interests. In the future, the research team conducted a detailed inspection to further strengthen the opinions and suggestions on the supervision of small and medium-sized private enterprises. Director Yin inquired about Chesir’s employee treatment, trade union supervision work, difficulties and problems encountered. The chairman of the Chesir labor union Yin Fuwen gave a report as an employee representative and introduced the work of the Chesir union in recent years.

Under the leadership of the enterprise’s party organization and higher-level trade unions, Chesir’s labor unions are in close contact with the masses of staffs, caring about the production and life of the masses of staffs, serving the masses of staffs, and caring for the staffs. Since its establishment, it has actively carried out activities such as employee safety training, forklift driver training, and “Chesir Cultural Week”, and it has sent care to staffs on holidays and has been trusted by staffs. In 2016, using the company’s existing resources, the “staff Home” was established, and the staffs ‘gymnasium and reading room were opened to enrich staffs’ spare time. The steady development of trade union work has played a positive role in promoting the construction of a harmonious enterprise and the development of corporate culture.

The research team applauds the development of Chesir’s labor union work, and hopes that this year’s labor union committee members will make further progress and continue to play a role in coordinating the labor relations of enterprises and promoting the healthy development of enterprises to make greater contributions.