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Chesir launches staff public safety and health emergency risk avoidance knowledge education activities


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According to the spirit of the relevant documents of the Luzhai County Federation of Trade Unions, on May 6, the labor union of the Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. and the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection of the company organized an educational activity to “disseminate knowledge of public safety and health and improve the ability of staffs to protect against risks”. “Ankang Cup” competition safety culture publicity activities. Staffs of various departments of the company, security personnel, and monitors of various workshops of the production workshop participated in the training.

Chesir General Manager Zheng Shizhan and Executive Vice General Manager Zhou Fangchao mobilized all the staff before the training. Mr. Zheng pointed out that it is of great significance to carry out publicity, education and training of safety production emergency management knowledge and emergency plans in different ways. It is an important way to enhance the crisis awareness and responsibility awareness of the enterprise and improve the ability of accident prevention; Important measures for emergency capability; an important means to ensure the implementation of emergency plans for work safety accidents; an important method to ensure that all staffs have basic emergency skills, are familiar with enterprise emergency plans, and master the accident prevention measures and emergency handling procedures of this position; To make the relevant functional departments and personnel of the emergency plan improve the awareness of crisis and responsibility, clarify the emergency work procedures, improve the emergency handling and coordination capabilities; enable the public to understand the relevant content of the emergency plan, master the basic accident prevention, risk avoidance, disaster avoidance, Self-help, mutual rescue and other emergency knowledge, improve safety awareness and emergency capabilities.

Subsequently, Chen Zhongqing, manager of the Chesir Safety and Environmental Protection Department and deputy director of the Technology Center, conducted detailed training on safety knowledge, emergency response to emergency incidents, and emergency treatment of hazardous chemicals.

After the training, the labor union issued the “Staff Public Safety and Health Emergency Avoidance Knowledge” book and the answer sheet to participate in the competition to all departments and production plug-in teams. All departments were required to organize employees to study and participate in the competition.