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Join Chesir at In-cosmetics Global 2017


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Biennial In-cosmetics Global will be held in London, England during 4th-6th April, 2017. AS one of the leading innovation brands in pearlescent materials in the world, Chesir has strong R&D term lead by Professor Fu Jiansheng, who is the world’s famous expert in this field, and combining professional production process for cosmetic grade products and strictly adhere to the international standard quality control managements, Chesir will enhance you by bringing you the brand-new Pearlescent Pigments in cosmetics 2017, such as ChesColor,ChesMatt, ChesSpher, and ChesDi, so stay tuned!


ChesMatt® series

With extremely fine particle size, amazing hues vary from interference white,golden,red, violet,blue and green.

▲high coverage, matt finish;

▲high rate of coating, UV protection;

▲low content in heavy metal.


ChesSpher® series

With special silicon spheres as substrate, amazing hues vary from pure white, golden, red, violet, blue and green.

▲matt finish and soft focus effect;

▲excellent UV protection, specially for UVA protection;

▲good skin feelings, excellent dispersion,

▲resistant to high temperatures;

▲low content in heavy metal;

▲special surface treatment, easy for cleaning.


ChesDi series

Overcome the disadvantages of unstable in coating, poor temperatures resistance in the production of traditional pearlescent pigments, applied widely in cosmetics.

▲low content in heavy metal;

▲non poisonous,better adhesion property and color stability.

▲special metallic gloss。

Chesir has built its subsidiary (Chesir Europe S.A.S.)in France in 2016 as Chesir’s overseas R&D center to taking advantages of European high end technology and talent man, working in products marketing and promotion, in high end cosmetic grade pearlescent materials, guiding the color trends, provide our customers with persionalized color solutions.

Welcome to visit Chesir in in-cosmetics Global 2017: Booth: HH78,  ExCel London.