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2017, Chesir starts a new year journey !


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2017, Chesir starts a new year journey !

The Golden Rooster celebrates the New Year and celebrates the New Year with laughter. The lively Spring Festival holiday has ended. On February 4, the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, in the warm sound of firecrackers, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. starting a new journey in 2017.

In the morning, the company held a simple and solemn ceremony for all employees. The ceremony was presided over by Executive Vice General Manager Zhou Fangchao, Chairman Mr. Su Ertian, General Manager Mr. Zheng Shizhan , together with all employees of the company, opened a new chapter in the development of the company .

Everyone with high spirits.

Subsequently, under the leadership of Mr. Sultian, the members of the leadership team went to various departments of the company on the morning of the first day of work to extend their condolences to the staff and sent the blessings and red envelopes that brought the New Year to all staffs. During the year,  in good health, with happy  family ,  work smoothly.

During his condolences to the staffs, Mr. Su pointed out that in 2017, the pearl effect material industry will have a broader development space, and Chesir will usher in greater opportunities and challenges. He hopes everyone will like what President Xi said at the Spring Festival group meeting , Roll up your sleeves and work hard to create a better tomorrow for Chesir.

On the first day of work after the holiday, staffs in all positions were full of energy and full of energy.

All departments quickly invested in intensive work, showing a new atmosphere.