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Secretary of the Luzhai County Party Committee Liu Shengyou visited Chesir for New Year’s condolences


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On the morning of January 24, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Liu Shengyou, secretary of the Luzhai County Party Committee, went to Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. on behalf of the county party committee and county government to extend condolences to the party branch secretary and executive vice general manager Zhou Fangchao. Contributions made by the society and the development of Chesir also sent festive blessings. Zhang Jianhua, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Director of the Office of the County Party Committee, and leading comrades of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee and the Economic Development Zone accompanied the condolences.

Mr. Zhou is one of the senior talents introduced by Luzhai in recent years. During his tenure as the company’s executive deputy general manager and director of the technology center, he worked with other colleagues in the company to do a lot of work for the company’s production capacity improvement, technology research and development, and talent team building. The project has achieved good results. Especially in the current general economic downturn, Chesir’s overall performance has grown rapidly, and it has quickly become a well-known pearl materials company in the country.

During the condolences, Secretary Liu cordially inquired about Mr. Zhou’s work, life and study, expressed his heartfelt thanks for his contribution on the job, and encouraged Mr. Zhou to make persistent efforts and achieve great results. Secretary Liu pointed out that excellent talents are a valuable asset to promote economic and social development. The county party committee and county government have always highly respected knowledge and talents, and actively built a platform for contributing talents to outstanding talents. In the future, He hopes that Mr. Zhou will continue to serve the enterprise well, implement the “technology innovation driven” strategy for Luzhai County, and make new contributions to making the pearl material industry bigger and stronger.

On behalf of the company, Mr.  Zhou thanked Secretary Liu Shengyou for his kind concern for Chesir and himself, and reported to Secretary Liu that he worked and studied in Chesir. He said that under the leadership of the county party committee, county government and the company’s board of directors, he will continue to work diligently, take root in Luzhai, and go all out to do all the work of company development, and live up to the expectations of the party and the government.