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Enhance style and show smile-Chesir at the 2017 Chinese New Year Annual Meeting


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On January 7th, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. “Concentric dream building at the peak” 2016 annual commendation conference and 2017 New Year annual meeting were held in the company. With the joy and laughter gathered together, the company has recorded the fruitful achievements achieved in the five years of development.

“Chesir’s achievements in today’s development stem from the hard work of every staff …” Chairman Su Ertian expressed his heartfelt thanks to every Chesir staff in his toast. In 2016, the company has achieved leapfrog development in all aspects of market development, technological innovation, enterprise management, and personnel training, with remarkable results

In 2016, Chesir was highly valued by leaders at the national, autonomous, Liuzhou, and Luzhai counties, and actively supported. The leader of the autonomous region Chen Wu personally visited Chesir and encouraged Chesir to accelerate development.

In 2016, Chesir actively explored domestic and foreign markets, and participated in Middle East Coatings Show, American Coatings Show, the K Show, and ChinaCoat, which won the trust of Chinese and foreign customers, and the business development was gratifying.

In 2016, Chesir’s enterprise development achievements were remarkable. In this year, Chesir was screened into the innovation layer of NEEQ; this year, Chesir established European subsidiary to open up the European and American international markets; this year, Chesir established an enterprise business school. Build a platform for talent training in the pearl materials industry; this year, Chesir’s pearl materials were rated as “Guangxi Famous Brand Products”, and the company won many honors.

In 2016, Chesir made new breakthroughs in technology research and development, and successively obtained a number of national invention patent authorizations. The latest research project was supported by the government department. Artificial synthetic mica was included in the “2016 Industrial Strong Foundation Development Report”.

In 2016, Chesir attracted the attention of investors in the capital market, and more and more investors are optimistic about Chesir’s future development.

Subsequently, the company commended employees and teams with outstanding performance in 2016.

“Li Yugang” imitation show, Latin dance performances, Jackson dance steps, guitar singing … At the annual meeting, the wonderful performances of Chesir staffs pushed the party to the climax again and again.

Hot Dance Latin

“Li Yugang” appeared at the party

Literary youth playing guitar

Many staffs are happy to win the lucky draw

Along with the warm atmosphere at the scene, Mr. Su Ertian, General Manager Mr. Zheng Shizhan led the team to thank each staff and send New Year’s greetings. The scene was full of laughter.

Happy staffs

In a piece of joy and peace, the annual meeting ended successfully. The warm atmosphere on site revealed the company’s warm love and blessings for every staff. A guest lamented that tonight, it was not just Chesir’s concerted and positive corporate culture. Through such an infectious annual meeting, he could feel the vibrant and passionate work passion of Chesir.

The time together is always so short. Before we can say goodbye to 2016, Chesir has made great strides in 2017 because we firmly believe that Chesir’s more beautiful scenery is just ahead. Looking into the future, we are full of confidence.