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Chesir’s new products appeared at China International Coatings Show and become the focus of the exhibition


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On November 30, the 21st China International Coatings Show was grandly opened in Guangzhou.The booth of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. was crowded with customers, and the popularity was bursting several times on the first day of the show.Chesir’s first series of new products in the world attracted Chinese and foreign customers to make appointments consultation and negotiate cooperation intentions.

The booth was full of customers, and the customers were endless.

At the exhibition, Chesir exhibited a series of new products pioneered in the world,such as automotive weather resistance series, anti-yellowing series, ultra-fine powder series, synthetic large particle size series, silicon ball series, synthetic mica powder, etc.They have attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign customers with their superior characteristics.


“When can the goods be shipped?” “Can we customize products according to our needs?”……In response to the different needs of different customers, Chesir’s account managers, product designers, R & D engineers, quality control managers, etc. were on site to formulate product solutions for customers.”One-stop service” allowed customers to feel that Chesir had not only excellent products, but also considerate service.

The superior performance of new products had attracted suppliers from many countries.

Customers applied pearl powder on their hands

Product display was very eye-catching

The series of new products exhibited at this time is the first in the world.They are all innovative products of Chesir’s R & D team, the only one in the world, and all product indicators are industry-leading.Therefore, it is reasonable for the products to be favored by Chinese and foreign customers.

Product introduction

According to the statistics of on-site staff, the number of customers and on-site orders on the first day of the show has far exceeded expectations

“According to the past practice, after understood the basic information on the first day , the second and third days of the show would enter the specific negotiation stage.”The on-site staff reminded that if the customer has not fully grasped the desired product information on the first day of the show, they can come to the show site two days after the next peak and continue to learn more with Chesir’s customer service staff.

The exhibition will be held from November 30th to December 2nd, and will continue to be exhibited in the next two days, you can consult at the Chesir’s booth (9.3 exhibition area, B25-36)