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Chesir participated in the German K show with new R&D results and high-end products,strived to expand the European and American international markets


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On October 19th, the chairman of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. personally led the team and brought the latest R & D results and series of high-end products to participate the Dusseldorf International Plastic and Rubber Expo(K Show),attracted a large number of international customers.

The German K Show held every three years is a grand event for the international plastics and rubber industry.For nearly half a century, K Show has gradually been recognized as the largest international exhibition in the world’s plastics and rubber industry exhibition.Due to the wide international influence of the show, it has been regarded by the world plastics and rubber industry as a business opportunity, a information collection opportunity, and a technology exchange opportunity that should not be missed.Therefore, each exhibition attracts many professional manufacturers and people from all over the world to participate in and visitt he exhibition.

In recent years, the innovative development of the global plastics and rubber industry has not only increased the demand for pearlescent pigments, but also put forward higher requirements for the application of products.At this exhibition, Chesir’s new products and new applications attracted the attention of many customers.In order to obtain more perfect product effect, they had negotiated with the R & D team and looked forward to the opportunity to cooperate in the future .

With the efforts of Chesir’s R & D team, it not only innovated new applications of pearlescent pigments in plastics and rubber, but also achieved breakthrough development in new high-end cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments.After the show, Chairman Su will continue to lead the team, visit important customers in the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Russia and other places to bring the latest research results and products of Chesir. From October 30 to November 2, Chairman Su will attend the 2016 International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) meeting to share the world’s most cutting-edge cosmetic technology and scientific achievement.