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Great!Chesir Labor Union sent watermelon to employees


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The scorching sun make the employees struggling on the production line sweat.Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. Labor Union is concerned about the health of employees, in order to effectively do the work of heatstroke prevention and cooling, Chesir warmly carried out the “send cool at high temperature” sympathy activity, and sent the cooling watermelon to the hands of employees.

The freshly picked watermelon has arrived, and everyone was busy unloading.

Under the scorching sun, brought the watermelon to the hands of employees.

Security guards, cleaners, workshop staff … Everyone had a share.

Got the watermelon and ate it quickly!

The big red watermelons are too fresh!


Moved the watermelon to colleagues!

Happy to get the watermelon.

It’s really sweet.

Don’t say more, eat quickly.

On such a hot day, what can be cooler than the sweet summer watermelon?This seemingly inconspicuous move, just like the breeze, refreshes the heart, made the employees feel that the Labor Union really takes the health of the employees at heart.It fully embodies the management concept of “people-oriented, affectionate employees”.